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I was 19 when my friend offered to read my 9 totem animals from his Medicine Card deck. He quickly explained that the cards were all animals and their various meanings  were derived from Native American and other ancient cultures.

My cards were pulled and I was blown away at the accuracy.  At first I was skeptical.

The way my friend haphazardly  arranged the deck and some of the animals were upside down. I was a less than thrilled when I saw  Skunk, Weasle, Squirll, Armadillo, Crow, Spider (seriously spiders creep me out) Then there were Animals in my spread that I felt proud of Horse, Swan, Wolf.

Once I read about the animals I was astonished at the accuracy of my 9 totem animals. I imediatly bought my own set of cards and began doing  readings for everyone I knew. 


I feel drawn to offer these readings to the public and guide others  in order to help humanity during this  upgrade we are all going through.


Welcome to my website, where I offer compassionate and intuitive card readings.   As  someone who has always been drawn to the world of spirituality and esoteric teachings I work with Animal Medicine Cards which are derived from ancient wisdom and teachings of indigenous cultures such as Aztec, Cherokee, and Mayan traditions.


Each card features a different animal with its own unique spiritual qualities and messages to share. By drawing a card you can invite the energy and teaching of that animal into your life, gaining insight into your current situation and finding guidance for your path forward. Each of us have 9 totem animals that represent important aspects of your life.  The  east card represents your Spirituality side , the south card is your inner child, the west is who you are in a nutshell. The  north card is your Wise Counselor, Above is your dreamtime animal and gives access to other dimensions, Below is the animal that grounds you. The within card is what brings you inner joy, right is masculine energy and left is feminine energy.


I am  also connected to a deck of Goddess cards that embody many fabulous feminine  energies. I pull a card from this deck to tap into which divine feminine qualities are most needed for you at this time.


My star seed card readings help you discover your unique spiritual purpose and mission in this lifetime. 


With over 30 years of experience reading cards,  I invite you to explore  one of my many card readings. Let me help you connect to the energies of our universe and help you find the insights and guidance you need to thrive on your path.

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  • Discover the 9 animals that are walking with you...

    30 min

    99 US dollars
  • Neutralizing the Energy in a Home or other Living Space

    15 min

    99 US dollars
  • We connect you to the Goddess embodying your identical energy currentl...

    5 min

    11 US dollars
  • During this card reading we discover what the universe needs you to kn...

    5 min

    11 US dollars
  • This is what your star family needs to tell you today.

    5 min

    11 US dollars
  • The animal you need to learn from today will be drawn.

    5 min

    11 US dollars
  • We look at your journey, you learn from the past, steady the present a...

    5 min

    11 US dollars


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